About Us

IME Electrical Engineering Ltd. Co. is a Project and Contracting Services company established by professionals who have worked for many years in the design and installation of Electrical & Electronics Systems, and whose knowledge has turned into experience and expertise.

Our aim is to develop customized designs for Electrical & Electronics Systems to meet specific needs and ensure the installation of related systems in parallel. We prioritize ergonomic design and efficiency of facilities in all of our work.


IME started providing Project Design, Consulting, Installation, and Technical Service in Electrical & Electronics Systems in 1996. We strive to create positive contributions to the efficiency curve of facilities by considering the benefit/cost performance and amortization periods in the services we provide.

Our Services

Lighting Systems

Electricity started its journey with lighting. Lighting is an indispensable need of life.

End-User Terminal Equipment

Electrical systems can be functionally serviced with the use of user terminal equipment.

Weak Current System

Low voltage systems are used to improve the quality of life and increase safety through services such as telephone communication, data transmission, satellite TV and fire alarm systems.

Cable Carrier Systems

In electrical systems, the durability, protection factor, and aesthetics of the carried load’s functions are achieved by carrier systems.


The indispensable solution for safely stopping and transferring your carried power within the electrical system.

Medium Voltage Systems

The excess demand and high cost; from the production source to the usage point, the transfer of energy is provided by medium voltage systems.

Grounding Systems

In a facility, a grounding system is an indispensable and non-deferrable safety requirement…

Lightning Protection Systems

Due to the risks they carry, lightning protection systems are highly effective in protecting structures and equipment from the harmful effects of lightning strikes.