Grounding Systems


A grounding system is an indispensable and urgent safety requirement in any facility.

Grounding systems work quietly and unobtrusively.

They are durable and stable, requiring very little maintenance.

Investment and operating costs in electrical systems are quite low.

Technology owes its success today to the quiet success of grounding systems…

Anything that is good has unseen negatives, and there is always a kitchen behind it that eliminates these negatives as if they never existed, although this kitchen is usually not visible.

Grounding systems, too, try to silently and regularly eliminate the negatives and risks that technology always has. They perform this task in all areas of technology without discrimination. If there were no grounding systems, technological products could become a nightmare in our lives. Because we are trying to eliminate the most important safety risk, which is human life, with grounding systems. Again, the performance and life of technological devices are raised to optimum levels thanks to the grounding system. It is only possible to plan and install these systems correctly with infrastructure that understands the importance of the aforementioned tasks.

Main Equipment:

  • Potential bars
  • Electrodes
  • Copper rods
  • Galvanized rods
  • Corner pile posts
  • Strips
  • Conductors
  • Copper conductors
  • Galvanized conductors
  • Galvanized strips
  • Additional joining parts