Electricity started its journey with lighting. Lighting is an indispensable need of life. While the basic function of lighting is to be visible, it also develops its possibilities as much as possible.

Lighting removes the limits of what we can do. Sometimes it competes with the sun, sometimes it reaches for the stars, but it is always close to us.

In buildings, lighting systems can be examined under two headings:



In internal and external lighting systems, luminaire structures can be direct or indirect. Both groups include high, low, and extra-low voltage luminaires. Fluorescent luminaires are mostly used in buildings such as hotels, hospitals, administrative buildings, banks, business centers, industrial facilities, etc. Sodium vapor halogen luminaires are mostly used in outdoor environments such as high-ceilinged spaces, industrial facilities, facades, streets, and surroundings.

Lighting removes obstacles and makes life easier. Sometimes it accompanies darkness, sometimes determination, and takes us to our destination earlier.

Kimi zaman karanlığa, kimi zaman kararlılığa eşlik etmekte, ulaşacağımız yere daha önce gitmektedir.

Lighting adds value and creates change. Sometimes it is timeless, sometimes it evens, and sometimes it leaves smiling traces.