Fire Detection Systems



These are systems that perform all their functions silently, effortlessly, and reliably. Their performance is directly influenced by appropriate design and installation criteria depending on the environment in which they will operate.

The priority of the system is life safety and it also ensures the safety of goods in systems properly installed.

With features that can self-diagnose, treat, and generate status reports, it ensures that risks are eliminated as early and quickly as possible.

Fire detection systems can be evaluated generally under two headings:

1- Conventional Systems

2- Addressable Systems

Analog Addressable Systems

Digital Addressable Systems

There are also systems developed for use in non-standard areas with air sampling systems.

Beam Bridge Systems

Condition Area Detection Systems

Main System Equipment

  • Fire Detection Panels
  • Monitoring Panels
  • Modules
  • Ionization Smoke Detectors
  • Optical Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Rise Detectors
  • Beam-Type Detectors
  • Combined Detectors
  • Buttons
  • Sirens
  • Flashes