Trafo Sistemleri

Facilities with a certain level of power must be supplied from the Medium Voltage grid. The medium-level voltage in these facilities must be converted to the standard low voltage level used in operations. The necessary control, command, and converter equipment for this conversion are installed within a specially conditioned structure. These facilities, known as Medium Voltage Centers, are established and operated within prefabricated or reinforced concrete structures.

In summary, the equipment and structural elements included in the Medium Voltage Group are:

  • Air transmission lines
  • Underground transmission lines
  • Reinforced concrete transformer centers
  • Prefabricated transformer centers
  • Concrete block structures
  • Steel constructions
  • Modular Cells
  • Input/output cells
  • Protection cells
  • Sales cells
  • Transformers
  • Bus-bars
  • Power Distribution Panels
  • Signaling equipment.